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Guaranteed snow
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Guaranteed snow

In Méribel, as rest of Les Trois Vallées, there is a real guaranteed snow. A great importance is given to piste maintenance, to ensure your enjoyment and safety.

At Méribel, snow cover is guaranteed on 51% of the ski area thanks to 711 snow cannons – snow is produced from a mixture of water and air with no additives. In addition, the majority of the ski area lies above 1800m, ensuring excellent snow cover throughout the season from December to April.

The 3 Vallées pistes are situated between 1300m and 3230m altitude and 85% of the ski area lies above 1800m.  25 peaks are reachable by lifts, ten of which are above 2500m. Snow cover is guaranteed all the way through the season thanks to the high altitude and layout of the ski area. Unlike many other ski areas which are linked by pistes in the bottom of valleys, where snow cover is unreliable, the 3 Vallées resorts are linked by ridges over 2000m high.

But nothing would be possible without Méribel’s 21 piste grooming machines and their 45 drivers who, each night, groom and transport the snow so that the following morning you can ski on velvety slopes. And it doesn’t stop there: in summer too, the slopes are prepared, reshaped, de-stoned and re-grassed to offer you the best possible snow in a perfect winter playground.

A total of 73 piste grooming machines work across the whole 3 Vallées. In effect, there are 160 groomers because they work in two shifts through the night; one team works from 5pm to midnight and the other from midnight to 7am. The slopes are groomed every single night, with priority given to greens, blues, reds and 3 Vallées linking pistes; the blacks are groomed less regularly to please moguls fans!