Saturday 6 February 2016
Local time
1450 m2°C
2700 m-3°C
  • Sweet snow
  • Visibility : Moderate (4 - 10 km)
  • Avalanche risk : 3/5
1450 m75cm
2700 m197cm
Runs open
Fun Activities Areas
41/41 opened

2952m - Méribel-Mottaret (Mont Vallon)
A sensational ski area
New Experiences
New Experiences
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New Experiences

What’s new in Méribel’s ski area ?

The photo frames of Méribel - Copyright : Christian Arnal

Stay connected!
At Méribel, we put your needs first, which is why we’ve put Wifi hotspots around the ski area! You can share your holiday photos and videos for free! You’ll find these Wifi hotspots at the start of the Altiport chairlift, at the Moon Park chalet, at the top of the Tougnète chairlift and the top of the Saulire Express gondola. But that’s not all! You’ll also find hotspots at the foot of the lifts in Méribel centre in the Chaudanne Lounge, at the Plan des Mains restaurant and at the start of the Mont Vallon gondola lift.

Get creative and share your photos !
Do you enjoy a challenge? And games on the slopes? Have you got a good imagination? Perfect – this is ideal for you!
Have fun with friends finding the photo frames dotted around the ski area. It’s like a treasure hunt on skis! Be inventive and pose in original ways, and share your photos!

You will love sledging and skiing by night !
Fun for the young and not so young, night sledging and skiing can be enjoyed at the very heart of Méribel-Mottaret ! Fun and games with the family or group of friends guaranteed during the « Himalaya by Night » evenings!


Parallel Slalom (top photo) and the Inuit animations (bottom photo)

New in the fun zones!

Beginners and children have their magic area!
Down the Little Himalaya green run, enter the gates of the « Yeti Park » and venture into this magic and fun world from Yoni the Snowman! Admire his Nepalese environment, play in his cave, climb his mountain and have a rest in the Zen Camp… a beautiful discover, fun and dopant to enjoy your ski holiday!

Even more fun!
Holidays in Méribel are perfect for spending time together as a family - playing, making new discoveries, enjoying a relaxing break, picnicking and generally having fun together…. Set out to discover the Altai Dragon trail and have even more fun finding the full-sized dragons hidden all along this new fun piste! After all that effort, take a break: make the most of the exceptional setting by taking a well-earned rest! Settle comfortably in the middle of the forest and enjoy a tranquil picnic! The Altai Dragon is located at the top of the Loze chairlift.

Smile, you’re being filmed!
Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you competitive at heart? If so, why not challenge your friends or family to do the parallel slalom at the Altiport? Your nearest and dearest can’t refute your brilliant performance: the entire slalom is filmed and timed and you can share the film live on social media!

Family fun!
Share unforgettable moments in Méribel’s fun areas thanks to the animations of the fun areas! Your children will never get bored, and your holiday wishes will come true! Set out to discover the world of the Arctic, set challenges for your friends and family, spend happy moments with your children and return home with great memories! And what’s even better, it’s all free and you may even come home with prizes! More information about these animations ...